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A milestone

I search for the right things to say, but hell, there are none! We are 6 months since our Uncle Paul's tragic passing. How is that even possible? Time seemed to crawl and fly at the same time.

We have muddled through figuring out all of Paul's estate stuff. It has not been easy since ALL his important paperwork burned in the fire. But through work of good attorney, guidance from Mun Hou, and many, many emails and phone calls later, my brother Jeff and I made it through probate and success in wrapping things up.

We have almost sold his house "as is", and that is bitter sweet for sure! So many meaningful conversations happened in his living room, so many birds were watched out his back door and many, many friends visiting DC slept there. Those memories are not gone, they remain in our hearts for all time.

No date for his Arlington National Cemetery interment yet. They say it takes a long time and now I believe it...geesh!

So friends, Paul's birthday is October 15th and he would love nothing more than for you to celebrate his life on earth by enjoying a nice meal, in a local eatery of course, with a person or people you can share meaningful conversation. Take pictures of yourselves on the 15th and post them here, so we can once again join together to honor our beloved

I leave you for now with words from a song by Paul's beloved Joni Mitchell that I felt meaningful. 💜

Take care of each other,

Janae Tschudi-Evatt

Leave me this bird that whistles Leave me this bird that sings I got a bird that whistles I got a bird that's singin' If I don't have you darlin' Birds don't mean nothin'

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