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Here we are at one year. How?!

To say this trip around the sun since April 7, 2021 has been a roller coaster ride would be pretty accurate. The up hill climbs have been a challenge while the fast roll downs have opened us to soul searching, more questions, and of course the grief.

As I pen this message to provide an update on things, it hurts my heart. I would prefer to be sitting at a cute little, mom and pop restaurant talking with, listening to, and sharing funny moments with my U.P. (Uncle Paul) rather than writing my thoughts and updates regarding his absence. I am a Tschudi after all, so talking and laughing comes more natural to me than crafting written messages.


* After many hurdles, wonderful guidance and many billable hours from our attorney, we closed on the sale of the house and car on February 28th. My brother Jeff put it this way, "we sold the car and the house came with it." LOL! Not really, but we did sell them as a package deal. Let me tell you that selling a house "as is" in Washington D.C. is a bitch! I do not recommend it.

We would like to give a shout out of thanks to the Monroe Street neighbors for your patience and understanding through this very hard process.

There are still a few minor things in buttoning up his estate, but we've made it.

We have no date yet from Arlington National Cemetery for the interment. We were told it could take 15-18 months, so my hope is late summer.

As I close, I felt compelled to share the photo of this beautiful table. Why you might ask? It has deep meaning for me. I was able to salvage it from the fire. It truly was the only substantial item we could rescue. Well.... this table and about 20 unscathed bars of soap from the master bathroom - so weird! Anyway, i love the symbolism of a table rescued from Paul's house. Conversation around a table with good food were the essence of Paul. We have this beautifully restored piece to pass onto to future Tschudi's who will enjoy meaningful conversation and good food with glittery sprinkles of silliness and laughter.

I am grateful for this table, for each of you and the space you filled in Paul's heart, plus the time we had around a table with him. ❤

If you haven't already, I encourage you to reread Paul's Epilog to "Grief: A Wall or a Door" (2006) posted on this site. It has a deeper meaning for me now. I feel as if he wrote it as a gift to us for the now.

In sincere peace and love,

Janae Tschudi-Evatt ☮

(and waves from my siblings; Jeff, Jen and Jon)

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