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Suresh Narasimhan
Apr 22, 2021
In Favorite Paul Memory
I miss Paul. Can’t believe he is no more. Like the many many friends here, I was attracted to Paul by pure love. Love that is, dare I say, platonic. But for sure, manifest in the thousands of hours spent in fortunate company with him. Just him and me. By the fireplace. In his Monroe street home. The home that burnt him alive. I grieve for his company. I grieve for the loss. I grieve with the hundreds of his friends. Over the last 15 days, since the saddening day, the fire that engulfed his home extinguished the spirit of our friendships, our love for Paul, I have recounted a hundred thousand moments with Paul. Recounted those moments in my mind. Transliterating them here will be, I hope, will be my humble attempt to foster this monument of love among all of us, dear friends of Paul. Stephanie, I truly appreciate the effort you have put in to this web site, to his foundation and to all things that will help us recall our memories of Paul.

Suresh Narasimhan

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