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May 02, 2021
In Favorite Paul Memory
I first met Paul in the mid 70's while working at a Womens' health clinic in DC. He worked in the recovery room, his words were always a comfort, very sensitive, with a touch of humor as needed/appropriate. He enjoyed being around women and was a huge support, he was doing good. In those days his hair was long and he wore pilot sunglasses. After his hair was cut, it always took a few minutes to adjust from the face I knew, but his voice and those eyes always revealed the Paul I could recognize. He was a person whose friendship I valued. he and others that surrounded him at that time became part of a special friendship group. He would keep me updated as to their milestones in life. Over and through decades we kept in touch, albeit sporadically. About 10 years ago I brought my husband and young adult sons to meet him. It was a delightful evening, enjoyed by all and well remembered. When I think of Paul now I am reminded of a gesture where he lifted one shoulder and opened the opposite hand toward me as if to say "whatever". It came with an endearing smile, I think it also meant I don't have all the answers....(even then, we thought he did). I miss him being part of this world, I am extremely sad for the way he died, yet, I am so glad to have passed through his life. Stephanie, thanks so much for your timeliness in setting up this very special website. It is a comfort.
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