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Brother for Life

As you all probably know Paul and I served together in the Vietnam War. We met in June of 1969 at the 85th Evacuation Semi-mobile Hospital, Phu Bai, Republic of South Vietnam. Shortly after our meeting in the Operating Room I moved into the “Yellow Hooch” with Paul, Mike and Mac. We became life long friends. After returning home, we rekindled our friendship where he became a member of our family for life. Paul was the brother I never had. Brother in arms, brother for life.

He loved to travel evidenced by his travel/work to Saudi Arabia and then his around the world trip with Rick. Later he would make multiple trips to Costa Rica. Our love for Asia and the tropics took us to Thailand twice, back to Vietnam with our loved ones and a trip to Belize. I’m sure you have all heard the stories of the geckos, spiders, leaches and an almost Emergency Room visit due to Paul breaking off a sink from the wall in one of our bungalows in Thailand. Sink broke off from the wall, he slipped, hit his head and was hosed down by gallons of water rushing out of the broken water pipe. A scary moment but when we regained our composure we laughed and retold the story many many times. And of course the swimming off the coast of Ko Samui in the Gulf of Thailand with the bioluminescent algae bloom.

Paul was also a very giving and caring person. We was always on top of birthdays, holidays and just about every occasion there is by sending cards, always with a personal note and little things he would find at the Eastern Market or Veterans stands located around the “The Wall” or small shops located around his haunts. Items like tee shirts which I’ve worn to threads, pins, decals and the list goes on, I think I still have most of those things tucked away.

Paul, I miss you and will always be in my thoughts. Ruthie says “Hi” and will miss him greatly.

Reno and Ruth Ann aka Ruthie

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