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My Dearest Family and Friends,

This note is from my heart to each heart!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing the sad news. I had the opportunity to meet him and work with him when I was a Clinical Chaplain at the George Washington University Hospital (GWUH). He was such an encouraging individual. As I write this message I can visualize his smile, hear his voice and see his walk as we walked the halls of the hospital. WOW! We do not know the second, minute, hour, day, week, or year.

He always opened his heart and was willing to share information and resources. Such a sad tragedy. Lord have mercy!

Please let us keep the family and friends in our prayers and let us allow those who knew him to live on the memories of his love for life and those who did not to read the wonderful information that was sent to us. He was filled with gratitude for everyone. He will be remembered. No day is promised to us and we as individuals should read what was sent to us. He was a veteran who served our country well. We appreciate and are grateful for his service and dedication.

Grief always surprises us, but we are able to realize we will not always understand the why, but we can lay hold of the Who. No matter what happens to us, no matter what the loss, God's hand is still stretched out to us.

I will forward this email message to the Nursing Department at Texas Woman's University, Denton, Dallas, and Houston, Texas campuses because he was well known at each campus and a few of the nurses, who are now professors and administrators/teaching on staff were former employees at GWUH, Washington, DC.

I received this message from President Karoline Hutson, President, GWUH Women's Board. Thank you for informing and sharing the sad news and if there is anything else please let me know. GWUH Women's Board you are always in my heart and I love you.

Paul was endearing to the hearts of the GWUH Women's Board!!! Thank you for allowing me to share because his memory will always live with us.

Best regards,


Rev. Adrene Hill, MAOM, MDiv.

Graduate Certificate in Health and Wellness in the Community/

Healing Ministry

Clinical Chaplain License No. DCMin01584

PhD Candidate, Human Development, Family Studies, and Counseling

Texas Woman's University, Denton, Texas

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