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This I Believe...

Professor Tschudi was and is a pillar of the GW/GSEHD community. It was an honor to take one of his last Grief & Loss courses in the Spring of 2020. His continued dedication to the field was clearly evident in his perseverance to provide the best virtual classroom experience possible. He challenged us to consider new forms of losses in the midst of a global pandemic, whilst reminding us to take care of ourselves. At the personal level, I can honestly say that my worldview is changed as a result of taking Professor Tschudi's course; for that, I am ever grateful.

Professor Tschudi assigned a reflection/prompt assignment wherein we wrote a statement of our own life's guiding principle/credo currently held. His feedback: "Artful piece of writing. You may want to consider submitting this to the TIB people." Unfortunately, submissions are no longer accepted. With that said, I would like to dedicate this to Tschudi; who believed in me and so many others.

- Stephanie Lemus-Ortiz, MEd School Counseling, Cohort 24, Spring 2020

This I Believe...
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